even studios is the vision for a future in which we are surrounded by calmness, oneness and evenness, which will help each and everyone in our society to live a more content and fulfilled life. a future where the surrounding in which they live their everyday life gives them the fundament to fully commit to their personal calling and discover their full potential.


we give people the needs to create a life experience which is calming and supporting a focus on the bigger things of life, which are to find who you are, what you’d like to contribute to society for it to become a better place for everyone and to simply BE.


with anything we create, we always strive for the best way to give the experiencer a glimpse of what life can be like if only we all try to cut out the noise that surrounds us daily and by that are able to become better humans in every aspect.


we give you the canvas, so you can finally start painting your own masterpiece.


even studios believes in a world in which people are no longer afraid to accept the things unseen. no longer do they cling on to the things that can be explained but instead explore the possibility of infinity.


to live ēven means to live a life in which you accept the fact that you can constantly grow every moment until the very end itself. to live ēven means that you are courageous enough to leave the reality you’ve been told to believe and to go above and beyond it to fully experience the gift of life.